Dave's Image Processing Website

Welcome to my personal site. I'm trying to give away my scientific work for free, and the website also helps me to keep track of everything I've done.

I hope that you find the journal article pre-prints and conference posters/slides useful. The pages should print well, and the formatting is deliberately kept simple for archival purposes.

Last update: Oct 14, 2013. My lastest published journal article is now online: Compressed Sensing of Spatial Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Imaging.

My Interests

I do Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Imaging, and Compressed Sensing image reconstructions. On a daily basis, most of my work is programming in a combination of Matlab, C++, and Python. I also write papers and NIH grants.

Unfortunately, my name is very common, so it's somewhat difficult to search for my publications. I suggest downloading them from this website. My Google Scholar page shows some statistics about who is citing my work.

Please address inquiries to djohn89@djohn89.com