FoxCon Toledo 2017 Software Developers Conference - Abstracts

Sun 22 January 2017 | tags: 162
*** Begin Abstracts ***

Bob Pierce               Allentown

Controlling Factory Automation With VFP – Behind The Scenes

Smooth-On, a manufacturer of liquid rubbers and plastics, recently moved their operation into a much larger facility near Allentown PA.  Last year Bob showed a case study of automating a large chemical manufacturing plant using Microsoft Visual FoxPro.  This year he pulls back the curtain and delves  into the structure and code that drives this process and how it is integrated into Smooth-On's custom ERP/MRP (also created in VFP).

Dave Bernard           Atlanta

The Death of Privacy

Companies today can learn almost everything about everyone, especially where they are at any particular time, or where they’ve been over a period of time.  That’s because people holding smartphones carry transmitters of their geolocation data. The phone is the enabler.  I know Google, my Internet service provider, my credit card company, and my phone company all mine my personal data. One day I’ll know as much about me as Google and Facebook do! Facebook has your friends, Google has your email, Flickr has your pictures--everyone has the data that you created, but you don't actually have control over it yourself.

David Johnson Toledo

Using Machine Learning to Automatically Predict and Identify Defects in Automotive Assembly Processes

Operators use torque tools to build a car with nuts and bolts, but what happens when the tools themselves have problems? In this presentation we will examine a case study of how preventative maintenance and quality inspection can be improved by using machine learning to model the failures observed on the assembly line.  Learn how Bayesian prediction (frequently used in email spam filters) can be applied to predict and identify these failures before they occur.

Doug Hennig Winnipeg

Windows PowerShell: Batch Files on Steroids

Windows PowerShell has been included with the operating system since Windows 7 and is available for download for Windows XP and Vista. What is PowerShell? It's Microsoft's task automation scripting framework. PowerShell isn't just a replacement for batch files; it can do a lot more than batch files ever could. This session looks at PowerShell, including why you should start using it and how to create PowerShell scripts.

You will learn:

- Why PowerShell is useful

- How to create PowerShell scripts

- The basics of PowerShell programming

Mark Beno Cleveland

CLEARPATH (CLEveland Area Research Platform for Advancing Translational Healthcare)

As an academic collaboration between Case Western Reserve University, University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center, and the Cleveland Clinic, the Institute for Computational Biology (ICB) uses the combined resources and expertise of these institutions to achieve its mission, to advance knowledge of human biology through computational methods on big and diverse datasets, and promote the translation of this knowledge into better diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prevention, and delivery.

For this purpose, CLEARPATH (CLEveland Area Research Platform for Advancing Translational Healthcare) is being proposed to facilitate discovery and research with tools for generating a person’s single synthetic electronic medical record, cohort discovery, and population health analytics.   CLEARPATH aspires to provide a multi-institutional, broad clinical data exchange research collaborative focused on the Cleveland area (including data from, but not limited to, EHRs, disease registries, biorepositories, clinical trials databases, etc.)

Mike Feltman Toledo

Introducing F1 MD - just what the doctor ordered.

After developing several websites based on Angular and Angular Material I have cobbled together a seed project for new web sites. Mike is tentatively calling it F1 MD (the MD stands for Material Design).  F1 MD makes heavy use of Angular components as building blocks for typical, modern, responsive mobile-friendly websites. It also favors convention over configuration which makes getting a new site up and running with it a snap.  Although any back-end is easily supported, Mike makes heavy use of free storage and Internet services such as Google Drive, Google Sheets, YouTube and Google Calendars.  F1 MD includes components that make it easy to plug in items from any of the aforementioned services.

Mike Levy Cincinnati

Building Hypermedia APIs using .NET core

For the last couple of years, Mike has dedicated a part of his saw sharpening to the area of Hypermedia APIs. So when Microsoft released ASP.NET Core, it was only natural to jump into the platform and explore what the product team had delivered. This presentation is a report of his learnings.

Ondrej Balas Detroit

Identity Management in ASP.NET Core

Injecting custom code into authentication and authorization in ASP.NET has always been a chore. ASP.NET Identity is a library built to replace both ASP.NET Membership and Simple Membership, making it much easier to implement custom authentication and authorization without the need to rewrite core components. In this session Ondrej will go deep into the abstractions that ASP.NET Identity builds atop of, and show how to take advantage of these hook points to implement a custom membership system.