Presentations List

Mon 01 January 2018 | tags: 216
Here is a list of work I've presented since 2015 at various local users groups and conferences. These projects show a commitment to continued professional development and networking. I'll keep updating this list as time goes by.


FoxCon Toledo 2018 Presentation – Big Data from Automotive Assembly Errors (TBD: Jan 27, 2018 ?).

CodeMash 2018 Lightning talk (TBD) - Fast comparison of Tesseract and a Convolutional Recurrent Neural Network for automatically reading dot peened VIN stamps.


Google Developers Group Toledo and Toledo Web Professionals meetings on Nov 9, 2017 - Building Your Own Collaborative Editing Web Forms For Free.

FoxCon Toledo 2017 Presentation – Using Machine Learning to Automatically Predict and Identify Defects in Automotive Assembly Processes

Northwest Ohio SQL PASS Chapter presentation - Using Columnstore Indexes to Store and Analyze Billions of Torques. Cancelled because users group has been abandoned!


Toledo Web Professionals 2016 Presentation: Real-time Messaging to Webapps from a Production Database

FoxCon Toledo 2016 Presentation - Building Webapps to Help You Build a Jeep (video references here).


FoxCon Toledo 2015 Presentation - SQL Server Notifications in a manufacturing environment. Also presented at the NWNUG meeting in Feb 2015 and again at the FANUG meeting shortly after.

Northwest Ohio SQL PASS Chapter Presentation - an edited version of SQL Server Notifications in a manufacturing environment with less C# and more SQL Server details about database administration for Service Broker.