FoxCon2016 - abstract and references

Sat 30 January 2016 | tags: 133
Abstract: Building Webapps to Help You Build a Jeep

Historically, automotive plant operators received part numbers and VINs in printed formats to run production line (including sub-assembly lines, e.g., sequencing and kitting). These "broadcasts" or build sheets were temporarily attached to cars and quickly discarded upon vehicle completion. In contrast to the traditional printouts, this talk will introduce mobile webapps as an effective way to replace paper printouts and provide vital production information quickly and efficiently. Videos of an automotive plant assembly line will illustrate how operators receive and use information from both the original paper and new webapp formats.

References and External Links (videos, etc.):

Megafactories Ford F150
23:50 final assembly - JPH through 25:49

Four Principles Lean Management - Get Lean in 90 Seconds

Megafactories Dodge Challenger
Broadcast sheets

Kanban Pull Simple Demo
Shows kitting concept

Sonic Production at Lake Orion
Shows kitting carts on the assembly line

Digital Picking System By nbtprofessional

Chrysler Group LLC Belvidere Assembly Plant
at 3:39, sequenced parts in carts