TWP Presentation: Real-time Messaging to Webapps from a Production Database

Wed 19 October 2016 | tags: 148
I am pleased to present a new talk, "Real-time Messaging to Webapps from a Production Database". Click here to launch the non-interactive presentation. If you want to host by a local server to show the interactive version of the slides, follow the instructions here. Here is a link to the PDF version which should work even after all the javascript code has become too old to run in any browser.


WebSockets are a fast and efficient way to push data from servers to browsers on both desktop computers and mobile devices. Well-known examples include stock tickers, chat rooms (e.g. Slack), social media updates, and online games. Learn how WebSockets are used at the Jeep Wrangler plant for messaging and notifications for critical production activities.

This talk will demonstrate Java servlets with CometD, front-end jQuery code, and webapps currently being used to support production of 250,000+ Jeep Wranglers per year. By attending this talk, you will gain a better understanding of the constraints of an automotive assembly line and real-time messaging.

Bio - David Johnson is a software developer at the Toledo South Assembly Plant, which produces the Jeep Wrangler. David splits his time between writing webapps, and automation. He uses Java, C#, C++, and Javascript. Ask him about barcodes!