SQL Server Users Group Presentation (NWO-PASS)

Sun 13 September 2015 | tags: 118
I was pleased to present my talk, SQL Server Notifications In A Manufacturing Environment, again for the Northwest Ohio SQL PASS Chapter. I removed the C# code and replaced it with information relevant to a database administrator - what a Query Notification looks like inside SQL Server, how it affects other clients, etc. The revised slides are linked here Johnson Sep 2015 NWO-PASS-SQL Server Notifications. I also made some printed handouts with a summary of the talk - handouts for NWO-PASS Meeting.

The turnout was pretty good, and I got a lot of interesting questions. The most frequent question seems to be about how the Query Notification interacts with transactions, which I addressed in my slides. To summarize the answer: a QN becomes part of the transaction that fired it, so if that transaction rolls back, so does the QN. It's not really much different than how the actions of an INSERT/ UPDATE/ DELETE database trigger become part of another transaction.